Bridging the gap from concept to reality, merging old-world craftmanship with new-age digital technology.


We work hand in hand with architects, designers, and contractors to design, fabricate and deliver custom  visions within a defined budget, effect, and performance.  No project is too small or too big, we are experts in process, as well as product.


We believe heavily in the collaborative method, investing in the latest digital tools to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible, allowing us to work on all scales of projects, from reception desks to major city infrastructure.



We design it.  We build it.  We install it.  Clients turn to us for a turnkey solution when nobody else can build it.  We have built our reputation not only on building complexity, but in engineering solutions in making complexity affordable.  40 years in the industry teaches you a few tricks.

We put just as much effort into understanding a design as we do actually building it.

The discipline of CW Keller’s work is an extension of their deep respect for the architectural project. With representational knowledge and expertise, they know exactly what the connection is between drawing and making. In turn, over the last ten years, they have translated this depth of rigor into an investment in digital technologies, and by virtue of that, expanded their knowledge of woodwork into concrete. I know of no other team I would entrust as a close collaborator, and indeed, many of the complex projects we have done —even those not built by Keller— owe a great debt to their upfront research work.
— Nader Tehrani / NADAAA
CW Keller is our go-to fabricator and collaborator; Shawn and his team consistently execute our designs with precision and craftsmanship, using the latest technologies.
— Kristian Passanita / STUDIOS Architecture
Sasaki Associates believes in collaboration throughout the design and construction process, and enjoy working with designers and fabricators we can create a partnership with. We found that partner with CW Keller - together we were able to create and execute a design that was better because of our collaboration.
— Brad Prestbo / Sasaki Associates

From early design to final installation, we are big fans of providing the right tools for the right process.

Design Assist

We like to be the first ones to the party.  To us that means bringing our years of fabrication and technological chops to the table to help designers early on in the design phase.  We are very good at managing complexity to tease out the most innovative, buildable design.

High Def. Modeling

One aspect of our business that continues to grow is our ability to deliver very precise, "fabrication models".  These models incorporate details, logistics, and materiality to ensure the most efficient path to efficient constructability. If a standard 2D drawing set just won't cut, we think we can help.



At the end of the day, what good would we be if we didn't walk the walk?  In addition to full engineering, we offer the latest fabrication capabilities, including an arsenal of 3 and 5 axis CNC mills, a large format thermoforming ovens, and over 40 years of experience.