From start to finish, clear communication with clients is our key to award-winning success.  Our bids come with line item pricing to create transparent estimates where every aspect of the job is listed by cost.  We provide the most complete and comprehensive shop drawings and 3D models in the industry and our engineering team captures every detail in the project scope.  Our project managers keep the conversation flowing and the job moving by becoming the conduit between our team and yours.  Fabrication is done by some of the finest craftsmen and builders in the industry many who have been with CW Keller for decades.

For Architects

Design can be fluid.  Client expectations can change throughout the course of a project.  Construction however is rigid.  CW Keller principal Shawn Keller spent the first ten years of his career working as a project manager for a Boston architecture firm and used lessons learned there to assemble a workforce that understands the challenges design team face.  We've built a successful business at CW Keller by understanding the dynamics of a project and helping designers and their clients confidently proceed from concept into built form.   We provide:

  • Design Assistance
  • Detail Review
  • Engineering
  • Modeling Assist
For Contractors

For many contractors, we are the go-to firm for jobs that do not fit into standard millwork or form-work classifications and we're known for our dependability and capacity to complete technically demanding work.  We specialize in building projects that require sophisticated engineering, laser focused production, disparate materials, all challenges we meet under tough deadlines.  We Provide:

  • Itemized Bids
  • Aggregate Scope
  • Multiple Trade Coordination
  • Reliability