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  • Interstellar’s Reliance on 3D Printing May Have Won New Deal Studios an Oscar for Best Visual Effects –

    Best Achievement in Visual Effects Oscar winner Interstellar used Rhino 3D modeling software, and 3D printing technology to captivate audiences around the world. We use Rhinocerous 3D for all of our modeling here at CWKeller, and recently had the need for a FormLabs 3D printer on one of our projects. See how they used the tech […]

  • Holographic Computing

    Can you imagine a future where every surface can have something of interest “pinned” to it? Where your computer “screen” is any surface you are looking at? Or no surface at all. Lets go a step further, and instead of having a screen, you have floating transparent objects that are interactable, in your field of […]

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CW Keller is an engineering & fabrication collaborative.

With over 40 years of experience, our roots in architectural millwork and furniture design have extended into the world of concrete, fiberglass and solid surface thermoforming.

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