CW Keller


Over 40 Years of Experience

and constantly retooling

Founded by Charles Keller in 1974, CW Keller is one of the most respected fabrication shops in the U.S.


CW Keller is an innovative fabrication and design engineering firm specializing in custom millwork, composites and concrete form systems. Our work focuses upon elaborate architectural features typically including complex geometric conditions and finish details. In addition to our fabrication services we provide Design Assist services for complex projects. Design Assist helps define build strategies and drive cost certainty for our clients. We support all projects through intensive digital modeling and site coordination processes. 

We are a national company headquartered in New England with field offices in Florida, Colorado and California. Our New England facility facilitates fabrication and business operations.



hq + fabrication
plaistow, nh




Rocky Mountain
Denver, CO


west coast
Oakland, ca