CW Keller

CWKA+Wentworth Institute of Technology


CWKA + Wentworth, Research Initiative


CWKA has partnered with Wentworth Institute of Technology to develop automated robotic laser projection protocols for construction accuracy. This work advances our precision and communication from the digital environment to the shop floor to the construction site.

CW Keller often works on geometrically complex projects that are difficult to capture in traditional orthographic drawings. We have built internal capabilities in 3D modeling software, Rhino & Grasshopper, to allow our fabrication and mill teams to navigate complex 3D models, thus reducing error and documentation time internally. Additionally, our engineering team has compensated for complex assemblies by machining assembly geometry into parts to create customized kits of parts. This methodology, while effective, is time intensive as it requires additional engineering and machining time. This can add a substantial amount of time on large multi-part projects.

In an effort to streamline this process, CWKA and Wentworth Institute of Technology have partnered to investigate the use of laser projection as an interactive site aid. By leveraging the use of data rich 3D models and a robotic arm, the team has made great strides in establishing an intuitive workflow to visually display assembly information in physical space.  This work continues to yield encouraging results and has been expanded through CWKA’s partnership with Autodesk at PIER 9.